Lord of the Flies

Nick and I finished the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Lots of great discussion, and he’s convinced that there are parallels to the TV series Lost, which he is now watching on line and on DVD. I still haven’t started watching it, so I stay on the alert for spoilers, which makes it difficult for Nick and me to discuss his observations. Maybe Lost will make good winter viewing for me–I just never seem to have time for it.

I wouldn’t recommend Lord of the Flies for every homeschooled 12-year-old, though it was a good book for Nick at this point. It’s as graphic as I remembered, and I knew he would be affected but not particularly bothered by that aspect, at least not in a “bad dreams” sorta way. He was as interested as I expected in the characters, story, and theme, and he got the allegorical aspects.

So now we are seeing allusions to Lord of the Flies everywhere, and we’re using the character names as a shorthand for observing people’s actions, circumstances, and approaches to life. Are you Ralph? Piggy? Simon? or Jack?

Just noticed Lord of the Flies on Oak Meadow’s curriculum for eighth grade. While we don’t follow a curriculum per say, I often find our studies reflected by curricula we don’t actually use.

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