Art Lessons and Arm Wrestling

Nick’s enjoying a bountiful, boyful art class with some friends several times a month. He likes his art teacher, who tells wonderful stories from her travels around the world as the kids create. One of the things Nick enjoys most about this class is that he’s encouraged to be original. Yes, there are techniques; yes, there are projects. But the teacher’s first priority is that the kids enjoy the creative process and feel that their work is their own.

She brings the supplies, and I love how delicious the table looks when it is set with colors!

I’m feeling good about this approach. Nick literally filled hundreds of sketchbooks with drawings when he was younger, but when he got interested in guitar, he began spending hours with music instead of drawing. Nice to have him revisit his earlier interest in art with a warm and interesting art teacher.

And after art class, there is time for a little friendly competition. They are, after all, boys.

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2 Responses to Art Lessons and Arm Wrestling

  1. John Warren says:

    It’s almost, practically enough to make a guy want to home-school his kids! Nice entry, Jeanne.

  2. Maggie Moore says:

    Love this–our kids spending this kind of time together 🙂 A real inspiration to get my blog going!

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