Under One Roof

Our oldest sons live a few hours away from us, studying and working and enjoying their friends and the Virginia mountains. After years of homeschooling and close family life, we do miss them when we don’t see them for a while, but really, the whole purpose of trying to provide a strong family for kids is so they can move toward being on their own.

Lunch at Los Cocos yesterday with all five of us together – a rare and welcome event!

Still, there is nothing like that feeling when they are all under one roof with us–all home. Because we’ve moved around a lot, this house is not even one where they lived long before moving into young adulthood and their own apartment, but having them all here at once gives me such contentment. They’re jostling at the kitchen table, arguing about politics, challenging youngest brother to video games, bringing in wood for the fire, talking about their work and classes, and best of all, playing their guitars and singing.

It was never exactly peaceful in our house when they were growing up, so it feels just right.

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3 Responses to Under One Roof

  1. Adesa says:

    Awww! With my oldest only a year and a half away from legal adulthood, I can already relate. Enjoy!

  2. Robin says:

    I can relate, too! I had all my kiddos, plus boyfriend/girlfriend under roof for four days. Bliss!

  3. Laura Weldon says:

    So very true Jeanne. I used to deal with my insomnia by reminding myself that each of my four children was safely tucked in bed in the rooms around me. It isn’t the same now that I have kids off at college. When everyone is home it’s wonderful with everyone talking and laughing together. But there’s also a sense of rightness that they’re off pursuing their own dreams. As you say, that’s what strong families are for (even if I have to count sheep to sleep).

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