Art: Glass Fusing

We went with some homeschool friends to All Fired Up ceramics studio to get creative. We decided to make some fused glass mosaic pieces. With fused glass, you use pre-cut pieces of glass or snip your own glass shapes and arrange the pieces on a large glass base to make a design.

Standard bases are circular or square and come in different sizes. Nick chose an opaque black circular piece of glass as the base for his design. He laid yellow and white tiles in an alternating pattern on the black base. As I was working on a too-busy project of my own, I admired the simplicity and restraint of his!

The fused glass pieces go into the kiln flat, and high temperatures melt the glass tiles onto, almost into, the base.

Nick wanted his project to be a bowl, so it was fired a second time to slump the piece into a bowl shape. His finished bowl is food safe and dishwasher safe, and he plans to use it to eat cereal and soup. I’m a fan of art in the every-day, so I’m all for eating from something he designed!

While we worked in a small group of teens to create the projects, we each picked up our pieces individually from the ceramics studio. At the next get-together, it was fun to see how the various fused glass art works had turned out.  The ability to visualize how the unfired designs will look once they have been fired in the kiln would take some practice, but this was a nice experience of dipping into the worlds of the transformative power of heat–and art. All the kids, Nick included, said they liked doing this project better than they expected they would.

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2 Responses to Art: Glass Fusing

  1. Michele says:

    Awesome! We went to Art from the Heart, a ceramics painting studio, last month and made a point of choosing items that we could eat from. I painted a plate, oldest daughter painted a bowl, second daughter painted a goblet, and son painted a mug.

  2. Mary Jo says:

    I love this! And what a beautiful end product.

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