Heading to C’ville to Chat About Homeschooling

VaHomeschoolers is hosting a coffee chat in Charlottesville 7 – 9 pm Monday, February 28. VaHomeschoolers president Parrish Mort and I are looking forward to seeing whoever can come by Cville Coffee to chat about homeschooling at your house or homeschooling in general. You can get more details over at the VaHomeschoolers blog.

Kind of scary that between us, Parrish and I have well over 20 years homeschooling experience. So, uh, yes, we can answer your high school questions. Or your getting started questions.

I’m looking forward to seeing you – and to a chai latte!

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2 Responses to Heading to C’ville to Chat About Homeschooling

  1. Rebecca says:

    Wish I could join you! In the meantime I look forward to learning from everyone at the conference next month…

  2. Rebecca, yes! It would be a great chance to meet you. Hey, I wanted to mention that if you have not already, you may want to “friend” or “like” (whichever it is; I get confused) The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers on Facebook as well. Yet another way to stay in touch.

    Looking forward to the VaHomeschoolers Conference!

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