Colonial Center Theatre has gone live

South Hill’s Colonial Center Theatre–once home to vaudeville productions after its original completion in 1925–is now hosting live performances once again. We already knew that the historical theatre’s restoration was gorgeous, detailed, and historically as authentic as possible; now we know it can also attract a crowd and performers.

I recently spoke with Colonial Center directors Lisa Jordan and Eric Sadoski about the excitement this has brought to South Hill regarding community theater, children’s theater, and professional performances. They told me about the work they’re doing to coordinate additional enriching cultural opportunities, featuring music from a wide variety of genres, artists of varying backgrounds, and programs for audiences of all ages.

A brief overview of the first performances in South Hill was my radio story for WCVE in Richmond today. You can listen to my story at the station archives.

I’ve previously written and broadcast about the Colonial, which you can read in my earlier post about the theatre here At Each Turn. Since then, the art galleries have been filled, auditions have gotten under way, meeting space has been used, and the stage itself has become home to vocalists, musicians, and other performers.

For more information about the historic theatre and its upcoming events, visit the Colonial Center Theatre website.

The Colonial Center Theatre is beautiful, paid for, and providing community, performing arts, and fine art to Southside Virginia. How’s that for a little bit of good news?

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One Response to Colonial Center Theatre has gone live

  1. What a wonderful opportunity for your community. I would like to find something like that for my daughter who loves to perform.

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