Between South Hill and Blackstone

Just a little photo blogging today, from my drive home on 136 after taking Nick to hang out with friends. When I take my camera through the country, there’s a risk I might be late getting home.

Tobacco Barn

Bathing Beauties

The Water’s Fine

First Cutting

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4 Responses to Between South Hill and Blackstone

  1. Michele says:

    Beautiful pictures. I want to stop more often for photos on long drives.

  2. Laura Weldon says:

    You inspire me. I never take a camera on my walks or drives. Yet every I wish I had it every time I pass by flowering vines creeping up the walls of abandoned farmhouses, donkeys grazing peacefully in a field with sheep, or my favorite, the neighbor who mows his lawn with a milk crate lashed to his tractor so his little dog can come along for the ride.

    • I’m trying to remember to carry the camera more often. Between the bags of books and the water for soccer and the food so we don’t eat out so often – the camera sometimes gets left on the dining room table.

      But you HAVE to get the picture of the lawn mower with the milk crate dog. Though I am worried about his ears. I guess he must like it, though, or at least the guy thinks so, LOL.

  3. Louise Faulconer says:

    Loved those country pictures. The world seemed so peaceful or so the cows thought.

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