Fiddler’s Hill

Virginia's South River Valley

We’ve moved around a lot, but one of our favorite places to live was in the South River Valley near Charlottesville. We built the house there after leaving our long-loved friends in North Carolina for Rick’s new job. He was then transferred to Memphis (more wonderful friends there and in Mississippi where we lived!), and we have had the house rented to tenants for years.

Our most recent renters moved on, so we’ve taken the opportunity to open up our mountain house for ourselves. I’ll be so much closer to family, and we’ll get to enjoy our home place once more.

This is the view from our back yard.

And this is the view from the little kitchen garden. Rick had made me raised beds here before we moved, but one of our renters took it upon themselves to dismantle them. We’ve been so glad that the rental thing has basically worked out, but sometimes unexpected things happen when you rent out a place. Still, the families who lived here–and our amazing rental agent–helped us hang on to Home.

Nick got busy mowing.

And Nick got busy playing guitar. “The mountains make me feel musical.” I think I’ve heard that up in these hills before.

Rick will be able to join us on weekends, and I’m sure he’ll have his fiddle out when he’s here–after we get a few more boxes unpacked.

In the meantime, what more do you need to know you are home?

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10 Responses to Fiddler’s Hill

  1. Mary says:

    It looks glorious Jeanne. The mountains are beautiful and I can just picture you on the porch, enjoy!

    • Mary, we spent a night here last weekend, and I asked Nick to just go out on the porch with me and play guitar so we could sit there in the dark. The fireflies were amazing, and the soundtrack included cows and crickets. Love our porch!

  2. Valerie Bonham says:

    I looked at the first photo of your yard and thought: MOWING!

    Then I saw the photo of Nick. 🙂

    Glad you’re home.

    • Yes Valerie, right now it is a lot of mowing – because our tractor has not made it here with us yet. Our last renters were actually landscape folks (I mean, that is their business), so they did a really nice job of doing Lots of Mowing! So we decided to keep after it for now. The original plan – and the future plan – is that this will not all be yard – but will be pasture and so forth. Wondering if my dogs could co-exist with chickens, for example. When I think of all we could have done to make it productive and the way we want it over the years, I kind of blanch at the lost time. But then I think how fortunate we have been to keep it rented all this time and count my blessings!

      And – Nick is a great mower!

      • Louise Faulconer says:

        Loved the pictures! Doesn’t appear that the home has changed much since I last saw it. The only difference is that everything (landscaping) has grown. Can’t wait to visit again.

  3. Welcome Home Jeanne! I am so glad you have made it, full circle, back to this place and I hope it continues to feed you and bring happiness and contentment to you and yours.

  4. Hey Jeanne, so happy to have stumbled across your blog. And this beautiful home looks familiar. I do believe I stopped in to see you when both Nick and Sydney were very young. Love that you are back!! Big hugs to you, my friend.

  5. Anne V. says:

    Ah yes, I remember this, your dream home, and those lovely VA mountains. Hope to return again myself someday. Maybe retirement. Want to get out for coffee (or a hike:) in, oh, about 20 years? 🙂

  6. Rebecca says:

    Your home looks beautiful and I can certainly share your appreciate for living in a place that feels good. And you should definitely go for the chickens! Our first 7 chicks will arrive in a few days – and we only have a Roanoke backyard to work with. It’s been – and I hope will continue to be – a great homeschooling experience…studying up on care and breeds and how to build a coop, and now having to actually put all that learning into action. Layla just went to a camp in Vermont that had chickens and was able to immediately identify the chickens there based on the reading she’d done in the last 6 months preparing for our babies. Enjoy your evenings on the porch – that’s always been a favorite of ours.

  7. Bill Gray says:

    Glad I found you.
    If you would like to stay on my list of those I keep informed about our Boydton Institute Project
    and my other follies, e-mail me back.
    Bill Gray

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