One more from Saturday

So while I was going through deleting all the bad photos on my SD card (no ball in the photo, out of focus, no subject to the photo – there are hundreds of these!), there, hidden on the sidelines in the far distance was one more interesting shot from yesterday’s game.

This one was interesting to me for two reasons. First, it just makes me feel old. To see Nick do this header with the twisted body makes me think about how I would feel just trying to get out of the bed the next morning if I tried something like this. I do remember being this agile. But not lately.

But the other thing is how the opposing team’s coach, who is wearing red because he is also a Kickers coach (same club, different team), melds with Nick in the photo. It took a few seconds for my eye to figure out why Nick has a hand growing out of his knee, and how the white Adidas stripes on the coach’s shirt lead into the white stripes of Nick’s shorts. It’s soccer camo. 

I asked Nick about the circumstances of this play, and he said it was on the edge of the left sideline, and he turned to head the ball so it would stay in for play by his team. Truthfully, I can’t remember this play. Sometimes my camera sees what I do not.

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