Virginia Soccer League Talent Showcase

East and West U14 players in the 2012 Virginia Soccer League Talent Showcase. Nick is the player furthest to the right on the front row, kneeling. West wore the black jerseys.

Not much time to post, but before we head out to the Richmond Kickers Colonial Cup, I wanted to note that Nick had a great time playing in the Virginia Soccer League Talent Showcase in Williamsburg last Saturday night.

One player was nominated by the coach of each U14 team participating in the Virgina Soccer League to make up East and West teams for an all star game. Nick joined four other players who play on different U14 teams in his own Richmond Kickers soccer club, as well as players from other teams around the state.

Nick is number 16.

The play was fast and the passes were good. Nick’s tackles and headers still worked, as he played left and center defense at different times during the game.

The VSL game saw one situation we haven’t experienced before during our years in soccer: Sixteen minutes into play, the refs stopped the game because the lights never came on and the field was getting too dark. Organizers had been unable to solve a technical problem with the lights.

Players, coaches, balls, parents, grandparents, and chairs were all loaded into cars as we complied with the request to drive a few miles down the road to a different soccer facility where the lights were in working order. The players warmed up again, the parents set up their chairs, and play resumed.

I’ve been to a few games that ran late and car headlights helped illuminate the final minutes, but I’ve never been to a game that was moved in the middle.

Fortunately, this being such a nice occasion, everyone was in a great mood and the players were glad that their opportunity to play was not cut short.

I struggled with getting enough light into my camera, so slower shutter speeds meant a bit more motion blur in my photos. I probably need both different equipment and better technique to correct for this, but at least we have a few memento shots.

Nick played defense for the Boys U14 West team in the 2012 Virginia Soccer League Talent Showcase.

Congratulations to Nick and all the players selected to play in the VSL Talent Showcase, and thanks to his coach and Virginia Soccer League for providing the opportunity.

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