Nick’s Gig with Corduroy Music

Nick will perform Saturday night at Corduroy Farm’s annual music party concert in Louisa County, along with the Robert Jospe Jazz Trio, Erin Lundsford and the Smoky Bandits (folk rock) and the Gold Top County Ramblers (bluegrass/newgrass).

Starting around 7 pm, Nick will play rock, blues, and a little pop thrown in, wielding both his electric and acoustic guitars and singing. I’m going to try to convince his dad to play the fiddle with him on “What Hurts the Most,” even though most of his other music will lean another direction.

If you’d like to come out to hear him, email me (if you don’t have my email address, use the Contact tab at the top of the blog), and I’ll get you directions and information.

Between soccer practices, he’s been working hard on his set list. We’ll be picking up extra guitar strings tomorrow.

Oh, yeah. And there will be barbecue.

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One Response to Nick’s Gig with Corduroy Music

  1. Louise faulconer says:

    My how the years “roll by”. Hope you and Rick will celebrate your 60th as his Dad and I did. In fact we have logged 61 years and feel so blessed. We are so proud of our 3 sons,3 daughters-in-law and 7 grandchildren.
    The music was lovely. Our thoughts will be with him Saturday.

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