My New Gig at TheHomeSchoolMom

Just wanted to let you know that I’m now writing for TheHomeschoolMom, where you can see my recent article on hosting a Not Back To School event and a piece called “The Homeschool Year.”

My move to the mountains last year means I’m not currently doing radio news or any college teaching, though I’m still doing some speaking and other wordsmithing.

Blogging for TheHomeSchoolMom will fit well with our homeschooling–I’m teaching writing and lit at my youngest son’s co-op, still working with him on academics, and enjoying my role as soccer mom and musician’s mom.

All that provides inspiration for a lot of my writing, and I look forward to sharing it with an additional audience. TheHomeSchoolMom has a lot of great content for getting started, getting organized, and getting through the day, using a variety of approaches to home education. Host Mary Ann Kelley provides curriculum reviews, homeschooling resources, high school and college prep articles, and online lesson plans–as well as TheHomeSchoolMom’s friendly blog, where I’ll now be a contributor.

I look forward to seeing you here and at TheHomeSchoolMom!

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