Homeschooling Phys Ed

It’s funny the things that people think of when they think of challenges to homeschooling. One thing that comes up sometimes among those who are considering homeschooling is, “How will we do phys ed if we’re homeschooling?”

Or, from non-homeschoolers, “Well, you can’t possibly cover physical education at home; you don’t have a gym at home.”

In truth, we’ve found one of the benefits of homeschooling to be our ability to place an emphasis on physical education, integrating fitness, physical play, and competition into a healthy lifestyle. I rounded up some of the approaches homeschoolers use for phys ed and wrote about them over at TheHomeSchoolMom. We’ve used most of those ideas in our own family.

Yes, in Virginia, homeschoolers are still challenged to find opportunities to try out for and participate in competitive sports at the high school level, unlike homeschoolers in a majority of states around the country. That’s because the Virginia High School League continues to prohibit local school divisions from deciding whether to allow all the kids in their service areas, including homeschoolers, to try out for their community’s school sports teams.

So yeah, in Virginia, the chance to compete for a spot for a competitive team sport really may be a problem during the high school years if you find that your kid’s academic needs are best met by homeschooling.

But physical education in general? Homeschooling and phys ed can go together well, and what’s more, can be a real opportunity for parents as well as kids to improve their fitness and health.

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One Response to Homeschooling Phys Ed

  1. Rebecca says:

    Yes, another thing I regularly have a conversation with myself about – and laugh – when I think about non-homeschoolers who don’t get it questioning whether my child gets enough “phys ed.” Let’s see, 6 dance classes a week, a 4-hour ballet company class, running around outside with her friends, doing a 5-k run with me last spring when I took up running, hiking Mill Mountain yesterday as part of our science study now focused on plants….hmmm, I think she’s doing okay. And when I think back on how horrible, and often useless, gym class was when I was a kid…I think she’s getting a much better, and much healthier, deal.

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