Virginia Soccer League East West Talent Showcase, Fall 2012

Pictured are the Richmond Kickers U15 Boys players who were selected for the East West Talent Showcase, following their game (left to right): Jake Johnston, Kickers South; Miguel Pacheco, Kickers South (forward); Owen Ludlow, Kickers Central (midfielder); Nick Faulconer, Kickers Central (left back); Derek Pham, Kickers North.

Nick enjoyed the Fall 2012 Virginia Soccer League East West Talent Showcase, an all star game hosted by VSL in Williamsburg . He was one of five U15 boys nominated by Richmond Kickers coaches from three teams that compete in VSL. The group included a current teammate as well as a friend on a different Kickers team  he played with quite a few years ago for Lake Gaston Soccer Association, before either of them began playing for Kickers.

Nick is a defender, usually playing left back for the Kickers.

This year’s event did not have problems with the lights that made last spring’s Talent Showcase game memorable. Everything went smoothly, and we enjoyed topping off some great game play with a dinner out with new soccer friends and old soccer friends.

Thanks to Virginia Soccer League for sponsoring the game and giving the guys the recognition. I’m also grateful to the Kickers. I can’t say enough good things about Richmond Kickers youth travel soccer and the coaches who have provided Nick with the right environment and opportunities for continual improvement.

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