Fall Soccer Practice

20131023_181410It seems like just the other day that the soccer year started, with July heat and humidity accompanying the early months of training. Wednesday night, Nick’s Richmond Kickers U16 Elite soccer team scrimmaged a U18 Classic team at Ukrop Park under changing skies. First the trees were tipped in orange light, which I tried to capture with my cell phone camera.

20131023_181439Then the sky rainbowed.

20131023_182154Then the sunset colored the curvy nimbus clouds. This was an unusual sight for these fields, because the pink skies were to the east rather than the west. I’ve gotten other nice evening photos when I was oriented on the opposite side of these fields, but it’s the first time I’ve seen the eastern soccer sky over Ukrop Park glow at  night.

Orange trees, pink skies, and rainbow apparently heralded the coming of fall.  Since Wednesday, the temperature has dropped significantly and there is a wisp of winter on our mountain breeze. It might have been the last comfortable tee shirt practice, with just two games left of the regular season and a couple of tournaments left to play before Christmas.

We’ve completed our first quarter at our homeschooling co-op. Middle son’s university is sending reminders that parents should consider sending end-of-the-semester exam care packages. Husband is counting the days until he will be in the woods deer hunting. I’m thinking about the cranberry punch I serve at Thanksgiving. Nick is anticipating snowboarding at Massanutten.

And I’ll probably have my camera out — or at least my cell phone camera, as in this case — when the first snow flakes fall on the soccer field.

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