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My Favorite Online Math Resource

I know people love Khan Academy and Vi Hart Doodling, but my favorite online math resource is called Living Math, a term originated and trademarked by Julie Brennan. Yesterday over at, I blogged about why people use a living … Continue reading

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Boxes of Books

When last in South Hill, I packed up a couple more boxes of books to bring with us to the mountains. It’s always interesting to me what makes the cut. I have books in both places, but there is a … Continue reading

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More Books to Homeschool with: Tiner’s Exploring Science & Math Books

Our family stumbled across a series of books by John Hudson Tiner, and we have thoroughly enjoyed them. Suitable for mid-to-late elementary age kids, with some titles sufficient for early middle school students and even as introductory texts for some early high … Continue reading

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Apple Cider and Pumpkin Bread; Fractions and The Universe

Today was one of those rare days in homeschooling: we were home. As in, we did not even get in the car. No art class, no teen group, no soccer practice, no music store, no grocery store, no doctor’s appointment, … Continue reading

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Khan Academy = A Postive

Nick and I were doing some work with negative numbers the other day, and I turned to Khan Academy for some help. Khan Academy is a library of educational youtube videos made by Sal Khan, who has quit his full … Continue reading

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