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Selling the Homeschooling Books

Or, Jeanne Contemplates Empty Shelf Syndrome Last night I listed some of our homeschool books for sale. Some homeschoolers sell books throughout the years, but my homeschooling has been spread over children widely spaced in ages, so I was always … Continue reading

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Semester Vesper

Yesterday I joined the throngs buying 17 cent notebooks, and I realized that even though we’re homeschooling and have observed many years of Not Back to School, this year, the returning-to-school season has swept us up. Our oldest son has … Continue reading

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At TheHomeSchoolMom

Among my recent writing projects have been some new pieces over at Join me at THSM to read about using movies as part of a literature curriculum and creating and using a library of field guides — a great … Continue reading

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My Favorite Online Math Resource

I know people love Khan Academy and Vi Hart Doodling, but my favorite online math resource is called Living Math, a term originated and trademarked by Julie Brennan. Yesterday over at, I blogged about why people use a living … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Phys Ed

It’s funny the things that people think of when they think of challenges to homeschooling. One thing that comes up sometimes among those who are considering homeschooling is, “How will we do phys ed if we’re homeschooling?” Or, from non-homeschoolers, … Continue reading

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