College Public Speaking Classes

You can practice and improve your public speaking during my classes offered spring semesters at Southside Virginia Community College. Academic calendars and class schedules are posted at SVCC’s website. I’m an adjunct instructor in communication studies for SVCC, teaching at Lake Country Knowledge Center in South Hill.

I formally taught with Averett University (then Averett College) as assistant professor, teaching developmental writing, freshman English (English 111), journalism, newspaper production, broadcasting, public relations, and mass communication. As news and information coordinator, I did the university’s PR and edited the college magazine.

My M.A. in communication is from University of North Carolina-Greensboro. My thesis was creation of the script for an original documentary screenplay: What Happened in Danville: The Civil Rights Movement in Danville, Virginia.

Classes and Workshops

I have taught writing, language arts, speaking, and communication workshops for businesses, colleges, and homeschool groups–which is surprisingly similar for the different audiences; however, the businesses pay better than the homeschoolers, and the homeschool kids don’t try to sneak around in passive voice as much. (Adults tend to say “mistakes were made.” Kids tend to say “I messed up.” Kids naturally gravitate toward active voice).

Workshops and classes emphasize a collaborative, relationship-oriented approach.

For information about arranging a workshop or class for your business or group, contact me.