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Selling the Homeschooling Books

Or, Jeanne Contemplates Empty Shelf Syndrome Last night I listed some of our homeschool books for sale. Some homeschoolers sell books throughout the years, but my homeschooling has been spread over children widely spaced in ages, so I was always … Continue reading

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At TheHomeSchoolMom

Among my recent writing projects have been some new pieces over at Join me at THSM to read about using movies as part of a literature curriculum and creating and using a library of field guides — a great … Continue reading

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The Field Trip Not Taken

Today we’re not going on a field trip. We won’t be touring Appomattox Court House, where General Lee surrendered and America’s Civil War ended. We won’t be with our friends from our homeschool co-op. We won’t be punctuating our study … Continue reading

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More Books to Homeschool with: Tiner’s Exploring Science & Math Books

Our family stumbled across a series of books by John Hudson Tiner, and we have thoroughly enjoyed them. Suitable for mid-to-late elementary age kids, with some titles sufficient for early middle school students and even as introductory texts for some early high … Continue reading

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