Capstone History Field Trip: Washington, D.C.

For the past several years, we have participated in an academic co-op with a great group of families. Last year, we took a Capstone field trip to Antietam, Gettysburg, and Harpers Ferry.

This year, we took a Capstone field trip to Washington, D.C.

We rode the train from Richmond to Union Station in D.C. and walked quite a few city blocks past some well known landmarks to our accommodations in the basement of a church fellowship hall. Then we toured some of the major sites of D.C., and managed to do the Billy Goat Trail, a rock scramble of a hike that leads to amazing views at Great Falls on the Potomac River, an unbelievably few miles from the very busy Capitol area.

I can’t tell the story any better than our friend and trip coordinator Maureen Moslow-Benway, who wrote about the trip at her blog Miles of Smiles. You will be amazed at the unique and reasonably priced accommodations she found for us in the heart of D.C. at the Washington Seminar Center — something many homeschool groups could afford to do if you don’t mind preparing shared meals and bunking in somewhat close quarters.

As you’ll see from Maureen’s pictures, the outdoor patio was a restful place for a bunch of homeschool moms to enjoy their own friendships.

It’s worth the click through to read about what Maureen arranged for our group to do and to see her great rock scrambly pictures on the Billy Goat trail.

Hats off to Maureen for another great trip. I never really have the time, energy, or logistical coping skills to do what Maureen sets up for us, but bolstered by her itinerary and guidance, we go anyway, and I’m always glad to get out of my comfort zone and absorb some of her adventuresome spirit.

And, of course, Nick shares her adventuresome spirit, so he was most at home on the Billy Goat Trail.

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